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We’re Not the Coffee Police!

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Brad and Lindsay offer slightly different perspectives on bulletproof coffee (adding butter and mct oil to coffee) and how it fits into a ketogenic lifestyle.

This is a followup to a video with Mark ( sharing his own views on the common practice of adding butter and mct oil to coffee amongst keto dieters.

Brad and Lindsay share a Primal alternative to the typical bulletproof coffee recipe, making a few small tweaks to make it more nutrient dense and functional for ketogenic athletes with high energy demands.

We hope this video provides some context and nuance to the topic of butter coffee. If you agree or disagree please share you views in the comments!


Mark’s views on Bulletproof Coffee:

How to Make Collagen Coffee:

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1 thought on “We’re Not the Coffee Police!”

  1. Your versions sounds delicious….unfortunately today is my first day of not drinking coffee….haha. But I can try this with green tea or matcha tea……

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