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7 Thoughts to “Should I Go Primal or Keto?”

  1. Shane Kelley

    Should I do primal or keto first?

    1. Mark's Daily Apple

      I’d go with Primal. the low hanging fruit comes from simply eating real food and lifestyle factors like getting enough sleep, sun, and having good relationships. if you want to play around with Keto, just omit concentrated carb sources like fruit and tubers from your Primal diet.

  2. Peter S.

    Keto is great and everything but really unsustainable, there’s simply too many people to provide with food to be able to eat that much meat

  3. Simon Baker

    big fan – thanks Mark

  4. Sandeep Arora

    Thanks again Mark..I’ll make sure that my gym clients watch this wonderful video and get clear understanding about paleo reset….

    1. Sandeep Arora

      @Mark’s Daily Apple sure mark..i will right away and let you know soon…. Thanks a ton again…

    2. Mark's Daily Apple

      thanks Sandeep. and check out Mark’s Daily Apple…lots of articles on keto there and the differences between primal vs keto

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