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How Mark Really Feels About Butter Coffee


Mark Sisson discusses the current trend of putting butter and mct oil in coffee (also known as bulletproof coffee) that is so popular amongst the keto diet crowd.

For Mark, it mostly boils down to the fact that he prefers to chew his calories and that in general, drinking calories is probably an unwise strategy for people trying to lose weight on keto.

Mark draws parallels between bulletproof coffee and the nutritional supplement Soylent (both a product of Silicon Valley) and takes issue with the biohacking types who are eschewing the common practice of eating food in favor of chasing optimal productivity. If you agree or disagree with Mark let us know how you feel in the comments!


Brad and Lindsay’s take on bulletproof coffee:

Mark’s preferred way to make coffee:

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5 thoughts on “How Mark Really Feels About Butter Coffee”

  1. Since I never liked to eat in the morning even before going keto, my coffee w grass fed butter, coconut oil and heavy cream gives me energy until about as late as 9:00 pm- whatever’s clever I say… non coffee drinkers don’t really have this option, but it works for me- I didn’t need to lose weight but if I did, I would definitely back off most of the fat in my coffee after becoming adapted to ketones- I see many people making the mistake of eating too much fat after adapting- I ask them why would your body go to its reserve fat stores for fuel if you’re consuming the fat?

  2. I like your take on the MCT – I may cut back and not have butter/MCT coffee every day – maybe just a couple times a week – I do enjoy it – but it’s not a nutrient dense food!! 😉

  3. Don’t eat or eat real whole food. Simple. I appreciate Mark’s perspective on things, it is mine. Could never stand the hype on tricks and hacks.

  4. From a weight-loss perspective it probably makes little sense to drink fat. For us who try to gain weight, however, a bulletproof coffee is a good choice for those extra calories.

    1. Mark's Daily Apple

      very true. you could try to find more nutrient dense ways to get in those calories (whole eggs, raw milk if you can tolerate it, nutrient dense green smoothie), but hey if you enjoy it and it fits with your goals it is a good choice.

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