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The Art and Science of Foods That: ‘Fill You Up’

The hardest part of dieting is not the self-control or reduced calories that are part of any weight-loss plan. It’s the seemingly cruel way that your body fights against you to make you hungrier than ever and push you towards the foods you’re trying to avoid.  As you reduce calories and — more importantly — lose weight, things start to change in your body and brain to make you feel hungrier. While super-restrictive diets are a big reason many diets fail, other plans that might be perfectly good also feel impossible…

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Is An Alkaline Diet Really Healthier?

Of all the ways you can easily become confused by what foods are “healthy,” the most common is the cruelest. The diet industry loves to take a concept that you understand on a basic level, and then twist science to make it seem that certain foods are dangerous to your health. The manipulation of fear pushes you towards more restrictive diets, “requires” you to waste money on tests that only heighten your fear (unnecessary), and this forces behavioral changes that are unnatural to your preferences and, oftentimes, just lead to…

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