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Going Gluten Free: A Quick Start Guide for a Gluten-Free Diet

Are you looking for information about a gluten-free diet? Have you been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and need some helpful information? Do you have gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity? Are you interested in eating a low carb diet? If you answered yes to any of these, then Going Gluten Free is a great quick-start and how-to guide that will help you find out what you need to get started.

In Going Gluten Free:

  1. Learn what gluten is and how it can affect your body
  2. Find out how gluten-free differs from grain-free
  3. Discover some unusual products where gluten is used and can hide
  4. Use the extensive gluten-free shopping list to guide you at the store
  5. Learn tips on how to eat out in restaurants without getting sick

If a gluten-free diet or a low-carb diet is what you are researching and desiring to do, this quick-start guide is full of helpful information that will give you a thorough overview as you make needed changes and learn how to eliminate gluten in your diet.

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