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Gluten Free: Gluten Free Cookbook: 101 Days of Gluten Free Recipes for Weight Loss. Paleo Diet

101 Gluten Free Recipes

***Limited Offer $2.99 from $9.99***

This cookbook is a direct result of re-learning how to cook and bake without wheat, rye, and barley, or any product that contained any type of derivative of those grains, over the past 22 years. You can’t get around it, when people are getting together for any reason, there’s usually food. If you have gluten intolerance, the food aspect has just been removed from your party plans. When you think about it, 99% of the food that most people eat is wheat-based or has some form of wheat, rye or barley in it. Every single recipe in this book covers all three issues at the same time and are still incredibly yummy, satisfying, and fulfilling. None of the recipes use corn, soy – except for one special, safe, non-GMO, very easy-to-digest liquid form – or even rice (high-glycemic), or flour of any kind, except seed or nut flours. Delicious dairy-free alternatives are also given. Very few allergens are used, and alternatives given for most known allergens, including certain recipes that give alternatives to tree nuts. Discover a new world of yummy, satisfying food that is fun to cook and eat, such as:

  • How you can make Cream Soups and sauces with or without real cream and very low-glycemic thickeners.
  • Enjoy Hearty Stews without flour or potatoes!
  • Hide your Vegetables and get more flavor -But without having to even think about it; this book will give you simple instructions, quick and easy.
  • Learn to make easy, Quick Desserts that use no flour, but have more flavor. Cakes, tarts, truffles and pies all made with no flour!
  • Make rich, filling Ice-Cream and alternative with nuts (no dairy, no rice, no soy)!
  • Learn a safe, very-low-glycemic Proprietary Blend to Sweeten nearly anything to taste like sugar, with no sugar or refined sweeteners of any kind! This took Debbie many years to develop.
  • Learn to make simple, quick Salad Dressings that people came to the restaurant just to get. A blender is all you need for most recipes, including homemade salad dressings that are to-die-for or better yet; to-live-for!
  • Discover the secrets to making all food Taste Superb. Simple tricks for spicing up anything with natural, primal flavor!
  • Use Less effort than a typical recipe in many cases.

For just $2.99, you could have the confidence to host or attend your next get-together. Get your copy now before the price goes up.

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