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Gluten Free Diet: Gluten Free For Beginners – How To Be Gluten-Free And Healthy: For Gluten Intolerance, Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity, Wheat Free, … Ideas (Gluten-Free Companion Series Book 1)

It was our third new doctor’s office visit in 6 weeks…

The nurse was busy explaining that we would need to see yet another doctor…

And she went on to share ideas about what could be causing our baby girl to be so under-weight and frail.

I was somewhere in between daydreaming about her future and trying to listen.

As I came out of my daydreaming the nurse was telling my wife that we would need to have some tests done to check for something called celiac disease.

She went on to tell us she didn’t know much about it but that the doctor recommended we see a specialist – a gastroenterologist – and they could explain more.

Fast forward six weeks and it was confirmed…our daughter was a celiac (she was 18 months old).

We’d need to feed her only gluten free foods – that would be her medicine…the doctor said.

“These are a list of grains to avoid and some online resources…you should call a nutritionist to learn more about your options…and let’s schedule a time to check on your daughter in six months.”

That was our formal introduction to eating gluten-free.

We were in shock.

But it was also exciting (to know).

Within another few weeks my wife and I made the decision to go on the gluten free diet ourselves…just to make life easier in the kitchen and eating out.

Our daughter responded well to eating gf and we’ve never looked back.

Today, she’s happy and healthy (and sassy, but that’s another story).

And we’re all self-proclaimed gluten-free experts.

We’ve cooked, we’ve baked, we’ve done holidays…

We’ve screwed up a few times too.

We do parties, barbecues, and our kids go off to sleep away camps with school and friends.

We travel.

The gluten-free diet has been good to us. Eating GF today seems light years easier than when we started…

But the sad thing is I see people every. single. day. on Facebook groups who are brand new to gluten free and struggling to figure it out.

It’s not easy to take on a whole new diet.

It’s not obvious where gluten hides and what foods (not grains, foods) to avoid or how to handle parties…

That’s why I wrote this book.

To make the transition easier and accessible to everyone.

It wasn’t easy for me at first either! And even today it’s hard to be gluten free sometimes (like at the airport!).

My first year was filled with anxiety, frustration, embarrassment, and disappointment.

But, seeing our child thrive was amazing. It made it all worthwhile then and it still does today.


Here’s Some Of What’s Covered Inside the Gluten-Free for Beginners:

What gluten is and why it is an issue – so you can confidently tell others what gluten is and why you avoid it – you become the expert!

Step-by-step guide to reading ingredient labels including a comprehensive ingredient reference in the appendix. Never wonder again about whether a food is safe to eat.

A plan for what to eat starting today through the next week. This book is a big help for people who have no idea what to eat.

How to make your kitchen gluten-free – so your food and cooking space are safe and you don’t end up with unpleasant symptoms! Never be afraid of cooking in your own kitchen again!

Practical advice on ways to save money buying gluten-free food. This is crucial information for anyone on a budget!

What foods to avoid – including hidden sources of gluten you probably never thought would be a problem! Don’t miss this!

and much more.

This book costs less than a cheap cup of coffee.

So please, if you’re new to gluten-free, scroll up and click to buy…it’s for you.

My personal email address is on the inside if you need it.

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