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Gluten-Free Diet: A Shopping Guide

Gluten Free Diet: A Shopping Guide is like a compass for finding what you need in the grocery store. It provides a comprehensive list of commonly available gluten-free products in easy-to-understand sections. Chapters of the book are organized to match the typical layout of grocery stores. As you walk through the baking aisle, for example, you can quickly flip to the chapter titled “Aisles: Baking” and find a variety of gluten-free options. This is a must-have shopping guide to go with your favorite gluten-free cookbooks. It will open your eyes to new products and add variety back into your menu. The book includes infant and toddler foods, necessities for baking, and a variety of snacks. Whether you’re new to the gluten-free diet or a seasoned veteran, Gluten-Free Diet: A Shopping Guide is the essential book for helping you find gluten-free groceries quickly and easily.

About the Author

My family and I have been eating gluten free since 2007. I’ve made hundreds of trips to the grocery store. But grocery shopping was a slow and frustrating process. Then I decided to start creating a master list of all the gluten free food I could find in grocery stores around the United States – and eventually that turned into this book.

Since then, I’ve sold thousands of copies of this shopping guide! It made shopping a LOT easier for my family and it can make it easier for you too!

Why not scroll up and get your copy now?

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